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Who Are We?

Cyber Security
R&D Center
Lugado Robot
Lugado Shadow

Doğuş Technology was founded in 2012 with the excitement of creating value in the field of information technologies for Doğuş Group of companies and implements all the required infrastructure operations into the field of information technology and the adaptation of systemic and software products.

It continues to be one of the companies that values people, pursues new technologies with passion, and becomes a pioneer in the IT sector with its agile and reliable working culture as it operates as an R&D centre since 2017.

  • Strong technological and sectoral operation experience withtimely delivery and efficient project management
  • Providing design, development, installation and maintenance of software and information systems
  • to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level and meet the needs in the highest quality way continuous improvement

Why Lugado?

Kesintisiz iletişim

Uninterrupted communication

Unlike word-based and expression-based chatbots, Lugado is a dialogue-based chatbot. Lugado can make sense of the written expression, as he follows the flow of the dialogue and gives the most appropriate answers.

Sadece size özel

Special for you

Lugado is designed to meet the unique situations and needs of every industry, even every brand. Lugado, which you can also use by integrating it into your Whatsapp Business account, allows you to serve your customers via a mobile phone.

Ana dili Türkçe

Its native language is Turkish

Lugado, which can chat in Turkish, can understand your customers with NLP, communicate with sentiment analysis by understanding emotional states, and will be at the service of institutions and brands with its voice very soon.


Our business partner companies which utilize Lugado


A New Lane is Opening in the World of Assistants: GPT-3
A New Lane is Opening in the World of Assistants: GPT-3

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What is Chatbot?
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Chatbot Turkish
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Lugado Chatbot