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What is Chatbot?

We prepared a content where you can find answers to your questions such as what is a chatbot and what are corporate chatbot applications.

What is Chatbot?

Chatbot is a chat robot that users communicate as if they are writing to a person via messaging in digital media and use for various purposes such as getting information about a topic and making an operation.

Menu/Word Based Chatbots

In such chatbots, an artificial intelligence technology is not used. The user proceeds by making selections from the existing menus and buttons or by writing some expressions. The menu and buttons are used on the forefront and the decision trees which we see in the IVR systems are used more at the background. The system recognizes some words in the written expressions and tries to match them with a response. Such chatbots can answer a limited number and types of questions. However, menu/word-based chatbots are inadequate to make sense of the written phrase as a whole. In order to correctly direct the user when the words are misspelled, all possible misspellings must be introduced to the system. They can be used in very simple question-answer chatbots but cannot meet the need in complex situations.

Expression Based Chatbots

Such chatbots use an NLP (Natural Language Processing) and machine learning technology. The chatbot recognizes and makes sense of the user's expression as a whole. However, when the dialogue continues, it cannot follow the dialogue from the beginning to give appropriate answers within the context.

Dialogue Based Chatbots

Such chatbots are also developed using AI-based chatbots and NLP (Natural Language Processing) and machine learning/deep learning technologies. Dialogue-based chatbots are not limited to a word or expression-based comprehension, they can make sense of the written expression and they can follow the flow of the dialogue and give appropriate answers to this flow.